I call my art Visual Riot.  It is composed of patterned, kinetic, color chaos.  The personal icons I create represent humans, human emotions, and their interaction. The layers, shapes, and color choices evolve into an electrified, surreal landscape that engages the viewer with new optic riddles each time the art is explored.  

These pieces were brought into existence utilizing my bounded knowledge of mathematical theories about traversing between dimensions or the multiverse concept of realities.  I refer to them as portals created by the Tesseractory Factory. The word Tesseract is taken from the book " A Wrinkle in Time".  This book describes being able to move from universe to universe in a "fold" of time.  In the decades to come scientists collaborating with mathematicians may prove this theory and try to move through realities.  It is in my studio, which I elected to call the Tesseractory Factory; I have had hundreds of hours in isolated contemplation that impressed upon me the idea of the moment traversing between one reality or universe to another.  The chaos that I paint is the visual depiction of the moment in time one crosses between two planes of existence.  


Tesseractory Factory Portal 19